4 things successful people don’t do


Successful people are leaders. The emanate goodness around themselves. They are magnets for good things and are somehow seem lucky in everything they do. What if we somehow managed to do some of the same things they did? Would we be successful?

Well, it turns out that being successful is not so much what we do. It’s more how they perceive themselves and how they act and react in life. Life throws you all kinds of things. It doesn’t distinguish between those designed to be successes and those destined to stay below the radar. What is important is how you deal with what life sends you.

Here are some things you can do to start that successful streak you have longed for.

Successful people do not resent others’ success.

Envy is the enemy of success. We here at LifeCheer are big fans of the law of attraction. Envy is actually the enemy of the law of attraction. You see, when you show envy towards others, you are actually telling the world that you do not have when this other person has. It allows the world to focus on negativity and actually prevents you from ever having anything close to what this person has.

Choose positivity and gratitude that you know somebody who has achieved greatness. It will take time but you will one day have exactly what this person has achieved, and maybe more. By showing appreciation and believing it, you are telling the entire world around you that you are totally open to receiving the same things one day. And you can be sure that one day, you will.

Successful people do not dwell on the (negative) past.

We’ve written about this in other articles – the past is a top indicator of how the future will look like. And if you want your future to look anything great, you have to make sure you are comfortable and actually happy about your past. Ask yourself – how many really successful people do you know in your past that loathe their history. Deep down inside, they are unhappy if they have regrets, and this catches up to people. Instead – dwell on the good things that have happened to you and have shaped your story.

Successful people take risks.

Notice that the first question you ask yourself is just how this person made it big in the first place. Rest assured that this person did not make it there by accident. They took risks. They managed their fears. They took the beaten path. Have they failed at some point? Of course the have. But recall that successful people don’t dwell on their failures, but rather rebrand them to make them positive experiences. Ask yourself what is keeping you from taking the risks. One suggestion here is to start out with making calculated risks, and move your way up to more risky stuff. You will find that you’ll be more comfortable taking risks and you will be more successful and distinguished in no time.

Successful people don’t expect immediate results.

This one is especially hard in today’s day and age. I label this the generation of immediate results. We expect everything we do in life to yield immediate results. Whereas generations before sent snail mail and expected responses within weeks, email and IM has trained us to expect immediate results. And we consider everything else as nothing short of failure.

Whereas technology has evolved to be more “real-time”, success hasn’t. It is still built on perseverance to get to your goals. While some of the in-between steps are faster now due to where technology is today, the pathway to success hasn’t been shortened. I instead argue that it has probably become harder. So many people give up on their path to success because patience has become a lost virtue.

Take baby steps when aiming for your goal. Remember the old adage where it’s two steps forward, one step back. Don’t assume that one step back is failure. Remember that if it was easy, everyone would be doing what you are trying to carry out. Slow and steady still wins, even in today’s fast paced world.


The lifecheer takeaway: Successful people are positive. They are calm risk takers who are supportive of other people’s success. And they don’t look back at their earlier mistakes and dwell on them. In fact, some people argue that the more mistakes you do, the better. Especially at the beginning. That is the only way you learn.



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