I bring to you this site and its collection of my ideas, my aspirations, and my goals, not as somebody who has been schooled and obtained a PhD. in these matters. I come to you as a human – a person that has been through enough experiences to understand what is positive and what is negative.

I am proud to say that I have learned quite a bit in my life, through dealing with my own issues and people, places, and things. When you spend your life discarding everything that doesn’t fit on the script, you let go of beautiful opportunities to grow as a person and understand what the meaning of this madness is. You must appreciate everything that happens to you. It is all part of the plan that is being scripted and executed right in front of our eyes.

Thanks for spending some time reading and feel free to comment on the content. I learned that you often learn more through discussion rather than the original content itself. Everyone has an opinion and instead of debating who is wrong or right, let us spend time debating whether or not you want to adopt many of the ideas that people bring forward. Only in this way can we continue to grow as better people.

Thank you.